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Here's what people say who have  heard us live,  listened to our CD, or worked with Yogi on music projects.

"Yogi McCaw is the best!"

Derek Sivers - founder CD Baby, owner, NowNowNow and MuckWork


“Eternal music of the universe!” Hector DeJuigalpa - Nicaragua (fan through Radio Airplay site)


"In my forty-plus years in the industry I have never witnessed an unsigned Indie act of this caliber."

- Bruce Meier, Editor DamnGoodTunes Music'Zine


"Yogi, your music is very innovative, it causes one to ‘really listen’ to what’s going on and get a full understanding of how the two cultures fuse together. I so much enjoy listening to ‘innovative music’, where one takes chances. I appreciate your work and know that many others will find it just as interesting as I do. "

- Jaijai Jackson, Creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide


“Delightful to listen to! Really beautiful!” - Barbie Danielle DeCarlo

Music Director, KBCS radio Bellevue WA


"Thank you for a most amazing evening of music! Your gigs are always so full of great music and beautiful friends."

- Jeannie Bumgarner-Black, owner of Bossa2Nova #1 rated Bossa Nova Internet Radio site


“Love the fusion of jazz and eastern music - great!”

Zephorah, Tel Aviv, Israel (fan through Radio Airplay site)


"Yogi is a talented pianist with flair for Brazilian music and jazz. He has a wonderful ability to entertain, coupled with a feel for improvisation and collaboration that makes his group a pleasure to listen to anytime, anywhere."

- Joyce Yarrow, Author and Musician


"You are a well traveled and well seasoned musician, glad to have met you"

- George Sadak, Egyptian percussionist


"Yogi is a fine Jazz pianist...He takes the music beyond the norm to a true fusion of different cultures and genres."

- Rob Pastorok, Musician and Environmental Scientist


"He is an excellent keyboard player as well as a gifted composer. He has a expert command of many styles of music"

-Randy Clere, Proprietor, Wisteria Healing Arts


"Yogi is an incredible musician. I have worked with Yogi in many musical situations when the music was new to him and I have never seen him at a loss for what to play. Always high quality result.

- Tom Raschko, Owner, Sea-Port Technical Sales


“Great music, sometimes you need to listen to the love in the instruments and the musicians as love is not only transmitted thru words. Gracias”

- arceopatty, Belize (Radio Airplay fan)


“Well honestly I really loved your music!!! and would love to listen to more of it!!!”

Humayoon Khan - Afghanistan


“Love your style of music, different sounds than I'm use to and I find it very upbeat”

Jamie - Canada (Radio Airplay Fan)


"It was an enormous pleasure to hear you and especially to sing with a musician of your level. Thanks Yogi!" - Brazilian Singer Nilza Lessa Seattle


"I love what you do. Keep on writing!!!" - Brazilian Singer Anna Estrada, San Francisco


"We love you guys!" - Rebeqa Rivers, La Familia Art Gallery, Seattle

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