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Yogi McCaw, leader, composer and keyboardist presents here his new release:" Yogi and The Yoginis-

Terra Shivaiya: Six East-Six West". Yogi has assembled a diverse and talented group of multi-cultural

musicians, all in one superb recording offering an esoteric,unique collage, a fusion of jazz and

multi-cultural music. Seattle native Yogi McCaw has taken exceptional care in putting this project together,

which was recorded over a course of several years on two continents-In the US and in India.

The musicians come from the traditions of Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Indian Classical, Reggae and African music. This is truly a one of a kind recording. This writer does not know of another recording offering such a rich infusion of multi-cultural music which blends different, diverse music, all together in one CD. Some of the music highlights:


Basant Blue is the first track, a mysterious and somewhat haunting composition with a bluesy theme reinventing itself a few times over followed by a piano solo by the leader.


DDA Flat Nine is inspiring Indian music,with a compelling,structured musical theme throughout the piece,with overlays of inventive solo improvisations.


Jog Jazz follows, continuing Indian music exploration, offering repetitive, intricate lyrical and rhythmic textures. Indian violinist Megh Mukherjee stands out, as well as Yogi and the rest of the ensemble.


Raga Rio is the true fusion of Indian and Jazz/Brazilian music. The arrangement calls for a haunting Raga opener followed by a medium Jazz segment, the two musical forms alternating back and forth, followed by an up tempo Jazz ending.


Return To Me is a vigorous Latin music piece, pulsating with energy, featuring fine solos by trumpeter Thomas Marriott, and Yogi on piano, who apparently is well versed in this idiom.


Moving to another continent, Song Bird is a Brazilian Bossa Nova, featuring vocalist Samia Panni, who adds a feminine mystic to the song.


Sufi Reggae is a infectious reggae tune. Terana returns us, the listener to Indian music now blended with Latin music.  Violinist Gordon Assadi once  takes a sterling solo, in this invigorating piece! A true blend of these two musical genres.


Congratulations, Yogi McCaw, on a fine and most unique recording!


Steve Getz


The Jazz Network Worldwide




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